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Summer Jobs & Community Assets

One great benefit of summer jobs programs is the way that a summer jobs program can highlight the strengths and assets of the community. Youth participants learn about businesses and organizations in their community with jobs in every sector – business, finance, science/technology, government, human services, childcare, museums, parks, environment, agriculture, tourism, hospitality and more. […]

What is the Mosaic Economy?

A couple of years ago I wrote “The Mosaic Economy,” exploring the question “where are the jobs in today’s economy?” I like to describe the economy as a “mosaic economy.”  The economy is clearly not made up of just one source of jobs, but many different sectors that come together.  Rather than an economy in […]

Why The Skills Library?

This October marks the twentieth anniversary of my business, The Skills Library.  I am celebrating the anniversary with a series of short articles about the work I have been doing.    First, why did I choose this name?  The name started as a brainstorming exercise. While thinking about starting the business, I created a list of […]

Creativity + School-to-Career Experiences

At the May 19th Massachusetts School-to-Career Connecting Activities conference, school partners in the Massachusetts Creativity & Innovation grant program displayed the projects that they have developed.  Displays included projects about robotics, design & innovation, math, physics, biology and the arts.   Participating schools have designed curriculum that engages students in “design thinking” and in the opportunity to experiment, tinker […]

Choosing Postsecondary Paths – Work, Military, Apprenticeship & More

Through the online First Career Steps Survey, The Skills Library has been gathering insights into high school students’ career planning. The survey, now with over 3,200 results, is available from the Skills Library home page or directly from this link. With a trend toward more and more students entering college after high school, it is […]

First Career Steps Survey: Student Career Interests

Report analysis by Jennifer Leonard and Tacara Guice.  Tacara Guice, database intern for The Skills Library, categorized the open-ended responses and prepared the graphics for this report.   Read more about The Skills Library on the “About” page. The First Career Steps Survey asks students to list up to four career areas that they might be […]

First Career Steps Survey Results: Building Confidence About the Future


In 2012, the Skills Library launched a survey called “First Career Steps Survey.”   Since the survey launch, over 2,500 students have taken the survey.   The original survey was shared with Massachusetts students through a network of career programs.  Since then, the survey remained online and has been “discovered” by many different schools, programs and […]

The Mosaic Economy – Exploring Labor Markets in a Mosaic Economy


The concept of the mosaic economy suggests a fresh approach to analyzing labor market trends. The job market can be very dynamic, with new opportunities emerging as the economy shapes and re-shapes itself. People work in many creative efforts, often in jobs that do not fit neatly into the categories defined by labor market statistics.  […]

The Mosaic Economy – Career Exploration & “Telling Stories”

Mosaic Economy

Telling Stories   When I was in college I attended a retirement party for an economics professor, a woman who had entered the economics field when it was unusual for women to do so. “I knew I wanted to be an economist,” she explained, “when I was a little girl and traveled with my family. Whenever […]

The Mosaic Economy – A Fresh Look at the Labor Market

Mosaic Economy

“There is no longer a lobstering industry in Massachusetts,” the professor said confidently to his students in his introductory economics class. My friend’s son’s eyes opened wide, his face still tanned from a summer spent with his father on their lobster boat in Quincy, Massachusetts. He tried to talk to the professor, but sensed that […]