Seven Skills for Journalism Internships

jourmalismskillsPart of a series of “seven skills” articles.

What are the skills used in journalism internships? Many students seek out jobs and internships in journalism and related arts, media and communications positions. What are some of the responsibilities they take on? What skills do they develop? Here is a sample of seven skills from the Work-Based Learning Plan for a sports journalism internship for a local newspaper.



Skill: Description
Collecting and Organizing Information -Proactively communicate with coaches to receive game recaps in order to gather data to be entered on website roundups and for print. -Attend sporting event, documenting events of game, augmented with comments from couches and players, to create an article for the newspaper.
Time Management Write articles in the parameters of deadlines when covering late-breaking events; exercise good news judgment.
Understanding All Aspects of the Industry -Cover various types of sports events, including high school sports, collegiate baseball, and semi-pro football games.  -Become aware of the various roles, responsibilities, and departments within the newspaper.
Teamwork Skills -Interact with reporters and serve as a resource to reporters by representing a youth perspective. -Complete misc. tasks for sports editor to ease department workload/production.
Journalism Skills -Conduct interviews with players and coaches, including questions drawn from both personal and coach’s observations. -Research and writing involved with a daily feature.
Computer Technology -Create articles using Adobe software. -Post scores to newspaper website via web-based program as they are received by coaches. -Assist with videotaping of various sports games.
Creativity -Develop a “story bank” of feature story ideas for future use.

Here is a word cloud of skills appearing on Work-Based Learning Plans for journalism internships. See what inspirations comes from these!

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