First Career Steps Survey: Career Development Opportunities

What are schools in your community doing to help students explore career options and plan for the future?  How could your community do more? The First Career Steps Survey asks students about the career exploration and planning activities they have done, as well as asking an open-ended question about what their school does that is most helpful.  The responses provide a strong testimony to the importance of career planning opportunities.  The more experiences students have, the more likely they are to say that they are confident and excited about their future.  They are more confident about their career skills and more likely to have identified possible career goals.

Most students indicated that they have talked to parents and friends about careers, showing that career planning is important to them.  More than half have explored websites or books to gather career information.   In comments, many mention searching online for career information, and indicate a strong desire to learn as much as they can, participating in classroom activities and school-wide events that support career exploration.  Many express gratitude for what their schools do, and/or suggest that they would like their school to do more, to provide connections with local businesses, including opportunities to learn about, visit and work in career areas that interest them.

The activities on this list present a menu of options for schools, communities and local businesses to provide support for students and their families as they work to explore career options.


About this project:  This article is part of a series of articles about the First Career Steps survey results.  The First Career Steps survey is a project of The Skills Library, an ongoing survey from 2011 to the present, with over 3,200 responses to date.

Question 5: Which of the following have you done?  (check all that apply)
Based on Grade 12 respondents only (572 of the 3,280 respondents)

Percent of Grade 12 Respondents
Talking with parents about careers 81%
Talking with friends about careers 77%
Looking at websites, videos or books about careers 54%
Career interest checklists/assessments 39%
Hearing guest speakers about careers at my school 37%
Career days or Career fairs 31%
Volunteer work 31%
Summer job(s) 30%
After-school job(s) 28%
Classroom projects related to career interests 22%
Field trips to companies and workplaces 18%
Clubs or activities related to career interests 17%
Job shadow days 14%
Internship(s) 9%
Summer program(s) related to career interests 8%
None of the above 2%

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