Summer Jobs & Community Assets

One great benefit of summer jobs programs is the way that a summer jobs program can highlight the strengths and assets of the community.

Youth participants learn about businesses and organizations in their community with jobs in every sector – business, finance, science/technology, government, human services, childcare, museums, parks, environment, agriculture, tourism, hospitality and more.    Throughout the summer, youth participate in seminars and trainings that build skills, including career awareness, resume writing, on-the-job skills, leadership and civic awareness.   Employers have an opportunity to provide mentoring and to reflect on their own strengths and role in the community.   End-of-summer presentations and reflection journals build on this awareness of community assets.

The statewide Massachusetts Career Ready Database provides a format for collecting some of the stories from summer jobs programs.   The database can be used or programs from any funding source – Connecting Activities (which sponsors the database), YouthWorks, WIOA, and any other state or local programming.

If you manage a summer jobs program in Massachusetts, you can use the database to manage the placement information and Work-Based Learning Plans for participants and to describe the career development activities that take place during summertime workshops, seminars, projects and end-of-summer events.   The menu of report screens in the database can tell the story of your program and other programs statewide.  What industry clusters did students work?  What skills were highlighted on their Work-Based Learning Plans?   Is there evidence of skill gain through the average ratings on performance reviews?  What career development activities did your programs provide?   What were some of the job titles and job descriptions for the participants?

Read more at to find resources related to the Work-Based Learning Plan, career development, reflection/journaling and more, and find the database manual at


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