“First Career Steps” Survey

A few weeks ago I started a survey called “First Career Steps” — posting on Facebook and encouraging other people to re-post on their websites, Facebook and other social media sites.  Responses have been coming in and it promises to provide really interesting and valuable data.  Here are the survey links and a description of the survey.   This is a great opportunity to let student and parent voices be heard.  If you can, please share these links on your sites.

High school students and parents are invited to take the FIRST CAREER STEPS survey. 


All across Massachusetts and the country, people are paying more and more attention to making sure that students are well-prepared for life after high school.  
This is an informal survey of high school students and of parents/guardians of high school students, asking questions about their experiences and feelings about getting ready for careers and education after high school.  The survey takes about five minutes to take online and is easy to complete.  The tone of the survey is very positive, recognizing that career development is a long-term process, and that many high school students are just  beginning to explore and set goals. 
Results of this survey will be shared with several statewide committees that are working on strengthening college and career readiness, and will also be shared with the organizations who participate.  Results will be viewed overall (not school-by-school) since we just want to get an overall picture about how students in Massachusetts feel.  

 If you would like to learn more about this survey, or would like to be contacted when survey results are ready, you may email Jennifer Leonard, The Skills Library at jleonard@skillslibrary.com.  [Jennifer Leonard is a consultant who works with the regional Workforce Investment Boards and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE), to support the Connecting Activities program and other youth employment programs.]

We are asking schools and others to post a link to this survey on their websites or social media pages (such as Facebook) and to encourage students and/or parents to take the survey.   Thank you for your assistance!

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