The Skills Pages Youth Employment Blog seeks to share thoughts and generate discussion about how to create high quality youth employment programs.   A particular focus is the Massachusetts Work-Based Learning Plan, a tool used in programs in Massachusetts to structure youth employment programs.  The Work-Based Learning Plan includes job descriptions, skills, tasks, reviews and goals.  This blog includes analysis of the various skills highlighted in Work-Based Learning Plans, with the hope that this information will be useful in shaping job descriptions and training for youth programs.

The blog is published by Jennifer Leonard, the Skills Library.  Jennifer works as as self-employed consultant with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Commonwealth Corporation, and with local youth employment programs and schools providing support for work-based learning programs.  She is the developer and technical assistance provider for the online version of the Work-Based Learning Plan, and has been involved with technical and programmatic support for the WBLP for many years.


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  1. More students need to be exposed. These activities should be embedded into EVERY curriculum in the state. Our future depends on it!!

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