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A Vision for Career Readiness


How do students in Massachusetts attain the knowledge and skills needed for career readiness?  1.) Strong academic foundation — having a strong foundation in core subject areas — with skills including literacy and communication skills, critical thinking, mathematical literacy, civic awareness, history and economic literacy, scientific literacy,  information skills, the arts, music and languages. 2.) […]

“First Career Steps” Survey

A few weeks ago I started a survey called “First Career Steps” — posting on Facebook and encouraging other people to re-post on their websites, Facebook and other social media sites.  Responses have been coming in and it promises to provide really interesting and valuable data.  Here are the survey links and a description of the survey.   This is a great opportunity to let […]

Exploring College and Career Readiness

Throughout the country, schools and youth programs are paying renewed attention to supporting youth in developing readiness for post-high-school education and jobs.  The term “College and Career Readiness” has become a key phrase in policy and programming.   These words can have many variations in meaning, from a narrow interpretation around a specific post-high-school path to […]