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Creativity + School-to-Career Experiences

At the May 19th Massachusetts School-to-Career Connecting Activities conference, school partners in the Massachusetts Creativity & Innovation grant program displayed the projects that they have developed.  Displays included projects about robotics, design & innovation, math, physics, biology and the arts.   Participating schools have designed curriculum that engages students in “design thinking” and in the opportunity to experiment, tinker […]

Seven Skills for Arts Internships

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What are the skills learned in arts-related internships and summer jobs?  How is the practice of creativity and artistic skills in a professional art studio different from in a classroom setting?  What are the practical skills used in careers in the arts? Internship experiences in the arts can allow students to work with mentors on arts projects — learning about the […]

Seven Skills in Graphic Design


Many students use graphic design in their work-based learning experiences, both as the primary focus — in graphic design internships — and as a key skill within internships, summer jobs and student-led projects in the arts, community service, entrepreneurship, journalism, education, museum work and other fields. Students may be engaged in creating logos, signs, brochures and […]

Seven Skills for Culinary Arts & Food Service Internships


What are the skills used in culinary arts, cooking and food service careers?  What skills do youth build in their work-based learning experiences?  From our database of Work-Based Learning Plans, here is a set of seven skills. Youth may be participating in a student-run restaurant based in a school or youth program; as interns in a […]

Creativity and Critical Thinking – Part II

Across all fields of work, work-based learning experiences allow youth to see how creative and critical thinking are balanced and used in all aspects of professional jobs.   Creative thinking expands possibilities — creativity is used to generate new ideas, “break out of the box” and think of new ways to do things.  New ideas may […]

Creativity and Critical Thinking – Part I

Many work-based learning experiences allow youth to explore creative professional opportunities in fields such as entreprenership, graphic design, marketing, interior design, photography, journalism, education and childcare, culinary arts, the arts and more. And across all fields, work-based learning experiences allow youth to see how creative and critical thinking are balanced and used in all aspects […]