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The New Economy and Career Readiness: Part II

The question “Where are the job opportunities in the current economy?” does not have a quick, neat answer.  More than ever, the economy is fluid, with new opportunities always emerging.  The current economy provides a mosaic of career opportunities.  While there are many well-defined career paths and many familiar jobs and job titles, there are […]

Top Ten Reasons to Hire Youth This Summer

It is March, and the early signs of spring are emerging.  Time to start thinking about summer!!  Many cities and towns are getting ready to start summer jobs campaigns. Summer jobs programs can help private, nonprofit and public employers find students for summer jobs.  Some of these are unpaid internships.  Some are subsidized or sponsored jobs […]

Synergy and Employer/Community Outreach

February 2, 2011.  The article is inspired by conversations last week at the Connecting Activities Leadership Meeting on January 26, 2011. Some of the information in the article is adapted from the Nov. 29, 2007 conference workshop “Weaving Together Academic Learning and Work-Based Learning Through School – Business – Community Partnerships” and is based on information […]