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Seven Skills for Research Internships


Many internship experiences focus on specia reserach projects.  The ideal project is one that is valuable to your organization; provides the intern with insight into your organization and field of work; will require a significant number of hours of work; and involves skills and tasks that you can teach to a short-term intern. Many summer […]

Creativity and Critical Thinking – Part II

Across all fields of work, work-based learning experiences allow youth to see how creative and critical thinking are balanced and used in all aspects of professional jobs.   Creative thinking expands possibilities — creativity is used to generate new ideas, “break out of the box” and think of new ways to do things.  New ideas may […]

Working with Information

Working with information is an important aspect of many summer jobs and internships as well as a key skill in virtually all career fields.  “Research and Analysis,” “Collecting and Organizing Information,” and “Analyzing Information” are frequently listed in Work-Based Learning Plans. Many organizations bring in interns to help with special projects that involve gathering information, […]

Computer Technology Skills

What skills do students use in jobs and internships in computer technology fields? An analysis of Work-Based Learning Plans [read more] from across Massachusetts shows that interacting with other people, organizing information, writing, problem solving and critical thinking are vitally important, along with technical skills in the specific field, such as web design, programming, software […]