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Three Skills for Leadership Development: Part 3 – Leadership

What are your strengths as a leader? Your leadership style may change from one situation to another, depending on the project you are working on and on the needs and relative strengths of other team members. But you probably have some definite strengths as a leader. The questionnaire below provides a quick reflection. Your Leadership […]

Three Skills for Leadership Development: Part 2 – Interpersonal Skills

Many Work-Based Learning Plans (WBLPs) include interacting with others as one of the highlighted skills in the list of career and workplace specific skills.  Many of these talk about the connection between leadership and interpersonal skills, emphasizing the importance of interacting well with others, with authority, confidence, and a positive approach. “Interacting with others” or “Interpersonal skills” are terms that […]

Three Skills for Leadership Development: Part 1 – Project Management

Project Management Tools and Approaches – Brainstorming meetings; – Planning and goal-setting meetings; – Things-to-do lists; – Checklists; – Calendars; – Timelines; – Flowcharts; – Team member contact lists (phone/email contact information); – Budget spreadsheets; – Specific planning tools such as a lesson planning template for planning a classroom lesson; – Progress meetings; – Periodic […]