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The New Economy and Career Readiness: Part II

The question “Where are the job opportunities in the current economy?” does not have a quick, neat answer.  More than ever, the economy is fluid, with new opportunities always emerging.  The current economy provides a mosaic of career opportunities.  While there are many well-defined career paths and many familiar jobs and job titles, there are […]

The New Economy and Career Readiness: Part I

Ask some small children what they want to be when they grow up.  Most likely, their answers will cluster around a few well-known occupations – teacher, firefighter, veterinarian or doctor.  Then ask their parents what jobs they have and the answers will be quite varied, including many jobs that children (and most high school and […]

Active Learning

Successful careers are shaped by a practice of “active learning.”   People can cultivate the practice of active learning by observing others in the workplace, attending meetings when possible, listening, reading (online or printed materials) and asking questions. People learn different things from each job.  And the things you learn from each job will depend on your […]