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The Mosaic Economy – Exploring Labor Markets in a Mosaic Economy


The concept of the mosaic economy suggests a fresh approach to analyzing labor market trends. The job market can be very dynamic, with new opportunities emerging as the economy shapes and re-shapes itself. People work in many creative efforts, often in jobs that do not fit neatly into the categories defined by labor market statistics.  […]

The Mosaic Economy – Career Exploration & “Telling Stories”

Mosaic Economy

Telling Stories   When I was in college I attended a retirement party for an economics professor, a woman who had entered the economics field when it was unusual for women to do so. “I knew I wanted to be an economist,” she explained, “when I was a little girl and traveled with my family. Whenever […]

Yes! I Told You So! Good News about Manufacturing in the U.S.


This is the cheerful type of “I Told You So” when other people start to notice and agree with something you’ve been quietly saying for a long time. Lots of us who work in career development and workforce development roles have held onto the idea that the U.S. manufacturing sector is NOT going to disappear. […]