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What is the Mosaic Economy?

A couple of years ago I wrote “The Mosaic Economy,” exploring the question “where are the jobs in today’s economy?” I like to describe the economy as a “mosaic economy.”  The economy is clearly not made up of just one source of jobs, but many different sectors that come together.  Rather than an economy in […]

The Mosaic Economy – Exploring Labor Markets in a Mosaic Economy


The concept of the mosaic economy suggests a fresh approach to analyzing labor market trends. The job market can be very dynamic, with new opportunities emerging as the economy shapes and re-shapes itself. People work in many creative efforts, often in jobs that do not fit neatly into the categories defined by labor market statistics.  […]

The Mosaic Economy – Career Exploration & “Telling Stories”

Mosaic Economy

Telling Stories   When I was in college I attended a retirement party for an economics professor, a woman who had entered the economics field when it was unusual for women to do so. “I knew I wanted to be an economist,” she explained, “when I was a little girl and traveled with my family. Whenever […]

The Mosaic Economy – A Fresh Look at the Labor Market

Mosaic Economy

“There is no longer a lobstering industry in Massachusetts,” the professor said confidently to his students in his introductory economics class. My friend’s son’s eyes opened wide, his face still tanned from a summer spent with his father on their lobster boat in Quincy, Massachusetts. He tried to talk to the professor, but sensed that […]

A Vision for Career Readiness


How do students in Massachusetts attain the knowledge and skills needed for career readiness?  1.) Strong academic foundation — having a strong foundation in core subject areas — with skills including literacy and communication skills, critical thinking, mathematical literacy, civic awareness, history and economic literacy, scientific literacy,  information skills, the arts, music and languages. 2.) […]

The New Economy and Career Readiness: Part II

The question “Where are the job opportunities in the current economy?” does not have a quick, neat answer.  More than ever, the economy is fluid, with new opportunities always emerging.  The current economy provides a mosaic of career opportunities.  While there are many well-defined career paths and many familiar jobs and job titles, there are […]

The New Economy and Career Readiness: Part I

Ask some small children what they want to be when they grow up.  Most likely, their answers will cluster around a few well-known occupations – teacher, firefighter, veterinarian or doctor.  Then ask their parents what jobs they have and the answers will be quite varied, including many jobs that children (and most high school and […]