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Seven Skills for Jobs/Internships in Health and Wellness

In many summer job programs, youth work as peer leaders, leading health and wellness opportunities.  This peer leadership model will be especially popular this summer, with a variety of grants and programs encouraging health and wellness activities. Peer leaders might design and lead workshops, classes, sports or fitness events; help to organize health fairs; share nutrition information; participate in […]

Youth Development and Summer Jobs

A reflection on the concept of “youth development” in the context of youth summer jobs ….. The concept of Youth Development is used to design youth programs through a positive lens, viewing youth as positive assets to the community and understanding the positive experiences that contribute to personal development.   Youth development theory emphasizes the idea of […]

Seven Skills for Parks and Landscaping

What are the skills learned in jobs and internships in parks and landscaping?  How can summer jobs in park maintenance and landscaping be designed to help youth build skills and explore career options?  What types of projects and tasks enhance learning?  Here is an example of seven skills, with associated tasks, taken from a sample of […]

Seven Skills for Summer Internship Special Projects


In lots of workplaces, summertime is the season for summer interns and special projects.  The ideal project is one that is valuable to your organization; provides the intern with insight into your organization and field of work; will require a significant number of hours of work; and involves skills and tasks that you can teach […]

Reflection and Journaling


Last spring, we added a new “Reflection Screen” to the Work-Based Learning Database.   The screen provides a choice of reflection questions, based on the Work-Based Learning Plan skills, and provides space for participants to  write brief responses.  This provides “online journaling” for summer jobs programs, internship programs and other youth employment experiences. While developing the reflection screen, […]

Giving Feedback

Are you a program coordinator, program staff or supervisor in a summer jobs program?  What have you learned about giving effective feedback?  Share your comments here!!  An important part of any summer job experience or an after-school job or internship is the formal and informal mentoring received from supervisors.   Here are some thoughts about effective advice and […]

Youth Development and Summer Jobs

Youth Development is an approach to understanding youth programs through a positive lens, viewing youth as positive assets to the community and understanding the positive experiences that are part of personal growth and development. Youth development theory emphasizes a focus on assets rather than deficits, viewing summer jobs not as “keeping kids off the streets” or “crime […]

Summer Jobs in Parks, Landscaping and Gardening

As summer approaches, summer jobs program coordinators are brainstorming about the job descriptions for their programs’ summer job placements and skills and tasks that they will highlight.  Today’s blog is about jobs in parks, gardening and landscaping.  The question is “What do I/we want youth to learn from a summer job in parks, gardening or […]