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First Career Steps Survey: Career Development Opportunities

What are schools in your community doing to help students explore career options and plan for the future?  How could your community do more? The First Career Steps Survey asks students about the career exploration and planning activities they have done, as well as asking an open-ended question about what their school does that is […]

Choosing Postsecondary Paths – Work, Military, Apprenticeship & More

Through the online First Career Steps Survey, The Skills Library has been gathering insights into high school students’ career planning. The survey, now with over 3,200 results, is available from the Skills Library home page or directly from this link. With a trend toward more and more students entering college after high school, it is […]

First Career Steps Survey: Student Career Interests

Report analysis by Jennifer Leonard and Tacara Guice.  Tacara Guice, database intern for The Skills Library, categorized the open-ended responses and prepared the graphics for this report.   Read more about The Skills Library on the “About” page. The First Career Steps Survey asks students to list up to four career areas that they might be […]

First Career Steps Survey Results: Building Confidence About the Future


In 2012, the Skills Library launched a survey called “First Career Steps Survey.”   Since the survey launch, over 2,500 students have taken the survey.   The original survey was shared with Massachusetts students through a network of career programs.  Since then, the survey remained online and has been “discovered” by many different schools, programs and […]

First Career Steps Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who helped with the First Career Steps survey!!  The survey received 328 responses, providing valuable insight.  A summary of survey results is available at: Results showed that students are well-engaged in career development, expressing confidence and feeling ready (as well as some worry and not-so-readiness) and expressing interest in a […]

“First Career Steps” Survey

A few weeks ago I started a survey called “First Career Steps” — posting on Facebook and encouraging other people to re-post on their websites, Facebook and other social media sites.  Responses have been coming in and it promises to provide really interesting and valuable data.  Here are the survey links and a description of the survey.   This is a great opportunity to let […]