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Youth Development and Summer Jobs

A reflection on the concept of “youth development” in the context of youth summer jobs ….. The concept of Youth Development is used to design youth programs through a positive lens, viewing youth as positive assets to the community and understanding the positive experiences that contribute to personal development.   Youth development theory emphasizes the idea of […]

First Career Steps Survey Results: Building Confidence About the Future


In 2012, the Skills Library launched a survey called “First Career Steps Survey.”   Since the survey launch, over 2,500 students have taken the survey.   The original survey was shared with Massachusetts students through a network of career programs.  Since then, the survey remained online and has been “discovered” by many different schools, programs and […]

First Career Steps Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who helped with the First Career Steps survey!!  The survey received 328 responses, providing valuable insight.  A summary of survey results is available at: Results showed that students are well-engaged in career development, expressing confidence and feeling ready (as well as some worry and not-so-readiness) and expressing interest in a […]

A Vision for Career Readiness


How do students in Massachusetts attain the knowledge and skills needed for career readiness?  1.) Strong academic foundation — having a strong foundation in core subject areas — with skills including literacy and communication skills, critical thinking, mathematical literacy, civic awareness, history and economic literacy, scientific literacy,  information skills, the arts, music and languages. 2.) […]

Exploring College and Career Readiness

Throughout the country, schools and youth programs are paying renewed attention to supporting youth in developing readiness for post-high-school education and jobs.  The term “College and Career Readiness” has become a key phrase in policy and programming.   These words can have many variations in meaning, from a narrow interpretation around a specific post-high-school path to […]

Youth Development and Summer Jobs

Youth Development is an approach to understanding youth programs through a positive lens, viewing youth as positive assets to the community and understanding the positive experiences that are part of personal growth and development. Youth development theory emphasizes a focus on assets rather than deficits, viewing summer jobs not as “keeping kids off the streets” or “crime […]