Career Interests ~ Survey Results

Each icon = approximately 25 survey responses.

Based on responses to the First Steps Career Survey by 2,500 high school age students. Students were asked to list up to 4 career interest areas and so totals add to more than the number of students because students provided multiple responses.

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Arts and Design

Performing Arts
Arts, Photography
Architecture, Design
Animation, Game Design, Video
Graphic Design
Fashion Arts


Writing / Journalism
Languages / Translators

Engineering and Technology

IT, Computer Programming, Networking
Web Design

Law and Government

Law Enforcement, Law and Justice

Science and Mathematics

Biology, Zoology, Chemistry
Social Sciences
Physics / Astronomy
Other Science and Mathematics

Natural Resources, Environment and Agriculture

Veterinary and Animal Care
Environment and Agriculture

Business, Retail and Services

Cosmetology and Related
Restaurant and Culinary
Travel and Tourism
Event Planning
Finance and Banking
Retail and Sales
Innovation / Entrepeneurship

Skilled Trades

Mechanic / Repair / Skilled Trades
Construction / Skilled Trades
Automotive / Driving / Transportation
Manufacturing / Skilled Trades

Health Care

Health Care

Sports, Fitness, Recreation and Wellness

Sports, Fitness and Recreation

Education and Social Services

Education and Child Care
Human Services / Social Work / Psychology
Religion and Ministry
Higher Education, Museums and Libraries