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About this website. This website provides "how-to" information about using the Massachusetts Work-Based Learning Plan and about using the Massachusetts Career Readiness (MA-CR) Database.  The website also provides resources to support the development of youth employment programs, to share information among programs, and to provide ideas for quality youth employment placements.  The site is designed for use by staff, youth and employers in Massachusetts programs that use the Work-Based Learning Plan.   Also -- many of the resources are also valuable for youth employment programs anywhere.

What is the Massachusetts Work-Based Learning Plan? The Massachusetts Work-Based Learning Plan is used to structure youth employment placements, including summer jobs, internships, cooperative education placements, volunteer and service learning experiences, and more.  It is a four-page document (or four screens if used online).  It is a diagnostic, goal setting and assessment tool designed to drive learning and productivity on the job. It is used throughout Massachusetts to structure co-op, internship, summer job and other work-based learning placements. The Work-Based Learning Plan includes a job description, a description of the Foundation Skills and Career and Workplace Specific Skills used in the student’s placement and a performance review section.

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One-page Fact Sheet [Word]

Paper Copy of the Massachusetts Work-Based Learning Plan [Word]

Spanish version of the Massachusetts Work-Based Learning Plan [Word]

Portuguese version of the Massachusetts Work-Based Learning Plan [Word]

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