The Connecting Activities Quarterly "Work and Learning Performance Report" is submitted 15 days after the end of each quarter (or on the following Monday if a weekend).

The report provides a count of students and employers participating in Work and Learning experiences, along with data for the "AGROWE" program elements. 

The report counts individuals (not placements) and so if a student or employer has more than one placement, they are counted once.  (Or once in each category, such as once for a summer placement, once for a school year placement and once total.)

The report is cumulative from July 1st to the end of the quarter.

To run the report, open to the Reports/Admin Menu, check the box for the current quarter and click APPLY. Then scroll down to the list of reports and choose the button for the Quarterly Report (found in the second column of reports). 

The Quarterly Report uses the following fields. Before running quarterly reports, please take a few minutes to look over your data to make sure everything is complete.

  • Participant ID. All participants should have a unique Participant ID. This ID must be used consistently if the participant has more than one job or internship.
  • Connecting Activities checkbox.  Make sure that the Connecting Activities program checkbox is checked (x) for all placements that should be included in Connecting Activities reporting.
  • Type of Program.  The report is based on work experiences (jobs/internships).  The report uses the "Type of Program" and selects all records coded as "Work-Based Learning" (and not Job Shadow, Resumes, Workshops, etc.).
  • Type of Pay -- This field must be filled in -- Employer Paid, Subsidized/Sponsored, or Unpaid.
  • Start Date and End Date. The start date field is used to determine whether the internship is in the current program year.  Both start date and end date are used to determine whether the job is included as summer or school year or both.  Placements that start in July or August are counted as summer.   Placements that continue past September may be counted as both summer and school year.  Placements that start in September or later are counted as school year.
  • Employer Name and ID. The Employer Name must be filled in.  An Employer ID is assigned automatically by the program.
  • Employer Type. The employer type (Private, Public, Nonprofit) must be filled in.
  • Work and Learning Program Elements (The program counts all the "Yes" answers for these):
    • G=Individual Planning Goals - Coordinated with College and Career Plan, Transition Plan or other indiividualized goals.
    • R=Raising Graduation Rates - Student was targeted as part of an initiative to raise graduation rates.
    • O=Has Workhop or Classroom Component - the work experience program includes a workshop or classroom component.
    • W=Has WBL Plan?  The field "Has WBL Plan?" should be filled in.  If the WBLP is in the database, this field is filled in automatically.  The report counts all of the "Yes" answers, including "Yes - In Database" and "Yes - Pen and Paper."

Some reports on the Reports/Admin menu that might be helpful for reviewing data:

  • "Check Data for Work and Learning Performance Report"
  • "Count by Program"
  • "Customized Editing Form"

Each region also submits the Activity List, Activity Summary and narrative report to accompany the Work and Learning Performance Report.