Guidelines for What Constitutes a Connecting Activities Placement

Connecting Activities -- also called "School to Career Connecting Activities" -- is a state-funded program that supports staffing to connect schools and employers to provide work-based learning experiences for students. The state’s connecting activities program pays for the staff work necessary to recruit employers and to prepare and place youth in employer-paid jobs and internships across the Commonwealth. Connecting Activities provides both summer and school year opportunities for all youth, with priority given to our most vulnerable youth who encounter multiple barriers for success.  In that spirit:

 Placements are considered "Connecting Activities" if they are brokered by Connecting Activities staff.

  • Staff are considered to be Connecting Activities if they are directly funded through Connecting Activities (for some or all of their time) and/or are formally affiliated with CA through an established local School to Career Partnership or other recognized entity sponsoring CA work-based learning opportunities.
  • Job/Internship Placements are considered "brokered by" Connecting Activities if the placements are direct placements made by Connecting Activities staff, i.e., CA staff recruited employers to arrange the placement, or if the placements are supported through the Work-Based Learning Plan facilitated by CA staff, or if the placements are supported by related workshops or classes facilitated by CA staff. Other roles are also possible, but there should be a direct involvement of CA staff in order to consider the placement a "Connecting Activities" placement.