Getting Started


View three PowerPoint presentations:

- Navigating the Online WBL Database

- Registering and Signing In

- Using the Placement Screen


As follow-up,


  • Create a username and password and sign in.  (Note: If you are program staff, check with your regional office or with Jennifer Leonard for an access code.  For employer or intern database passwords, the access code is not necessary.)
  • Enter one placement and WBLP.  This may be for a real student or a fictional student.
  • Have a colleague review what you have entered.
  • (If the placement is fictional, have your colleague show you how to delete the placement.)
  • Explore to become familiar with the resources available online


To learn more:

  • Go to to further browse the resources available online
  • Read “Using the Reports/Admin Menu”
  • Go to the Reports/Admin Menu and run and print 2-3 reports as an example.

The Massachusetts Career Readiness Database is found at This database is used by a variety of programs across Massachusetts, including the School to Career Connecting Activities program and many of the Cooperative Education programs, YouthWorks, WIA Youth, local summer jobs programs and other programs.

The database provides a placement screen for recording and managing placement information, plus screens for each section of the WBLP, including the job description, skills/tasks, and performance reviews. It also provides a menu of reports and a bank of sample job descriptions and skills/tasks, and a rubric for evaluating foundation skills.

Other features include:

* Reports Menu

* Bank of sample job descriptions

* Bank of sample skills/tasks

* Activity Screen and Activity Lists/Reports (for Career Development Activities)

* Employer Screen

* Reflection Screen (for student journal reflections on WBLP skills/experiences)