Sign into the database you will be brought to the Main Menu.  From the main menu, you can::

  • Start a new Work-Based Learning Plan (WBLP)
  • Start a new Placement Form
  • Work on a WBLP or Placement Form that has already been started.


WBLP HeadingStep 1
Fill in the Placement Screen OR Work-Based Learning Plan Heading

Start by filling in either the Placement Screen or the Work-Based Learning Plan Header screen.

The placement screen is longer and includes more details needed for reporting, and is recommended for most program staff. (You may skip information if it is not needed for your program or if you do not know the information.) The Work-Based Learning Plan heading is shorter, and is recommended if you do not use this database for any reporting and/or if an employer or participant is filling out the WBLP, and is not involved with reporting details.

Either of these screens includes space for the email addresses (usernames) for the participant, supervisor, program staff and/or teacher, and allows you to
give read/write access or read-only access to each of these people.

It also includes placement details such as job title, start and end dates, and employer name, address, size group, type, and industry cluster.  The Placement Screen has additional information as well.  (Read more....)

Job DescriptionStep 2 Job Description and Foundation Skills

The second screen has space to write a brief job description.  It also has a list and description of Foundation Skills. Foundation skills are the basic skills important for all jobs.  These skills, along with the job description and the skills on the next screen, should be presented to the participant as part of the orientation to the job.









SkillsStep 3 Workplace and Career Specific Skills

The third screen has space to list up to seven “Workplace and Career Specific Skills” and to provide brief description of job responsibilities or
tasks associated with these skills. Some examples of skills – for example writing or using computer technology – are suggested and are available on an
optional dropdown list). Or you may type in other skills specific to your workplace.

Click the blue square to open the optional dropdown list to choose a skill.







Step 4 ReviewsReviews

The fourth screen provides the performance review pages for these skills, including ratings for both Foundation Skills and Workplace and Career Specific skills. It also provides space for goals and comments.  It includes an optional rubric worksheet that provides a checklist to help with the performance review.

Use this screen for a baseline evaluation early in the job/internship experience and a subsequent evaluation near the end of the job/internship





Save your work as you move from screen to screen, by clicking the SAVE button. If you forget, you will be prompted to save. A spell check function is available for the job description and skills/tasks.  Note that you must allow “popups” for this website in order to use the spell check feature.

Additional Screens:

The “Bank of Sample Job Descriptions” and “Bank of Sample Skills/Tasks” – provide examples of job descriptions and skill/task descriptions that you and others in your region or statewide have written. You can use this screen to click on a job description or skill/task description, and these will be inserted into the Work-Based Learning Plan. Or you may copy and paste text from the samples into the Work-Based Learning Plan.

The “Printer Friendly” screen is available for easy printing. You can print the whole WBLP with this screen or you can use “Print Preview” to preview and print specific pages. Any of the other screens are also printable.

The Reports/Admin Menu provides a wide variety of reports and lists, useful for managing reviewing, editing and analyzing data.  Some recommended reports for analyzing and presenting data include:

  • Skill Gain Report
  • Skills Used
  • Count by Program
  • (For Connecting Activities) Quarterly Work and Learning Performance Report

Some recommended reports for managing and reviewing data include:

  • Count by Program
  • Report 8: WBLP Status
  • Editing Screens (especially the "Customize an Editing Screen")