The placement screen contains details about the job/internship placement.  A PowerPoint Presentation " Using the Placement Screen " walks through each of the fields on this screen.  Here are some key points:



REQUIRED AND OPTIONAL FIELDS. The placement screen includes fields that are required for Connecting Activites, YouthWorks, ARRA and other program reporting.  It also includes fields that are useful for managing data even if they are not required for reporting.

The icons along the left column indicate whether fields are required for Connecting Activities reporting (red half circle), YouthWorks reporting (blue half circle), or both.  Many fields are not required but are recommended for your own tracking, reporting and communications.

A new icon color - purple - designates that a field is highly recommended even if not required.

Work with colleagues in your program or region to develop clear guidelines about what fields must be completed and what fields are optional.

Require for Connecting Activities and YouthWorks = required for Connecting Activities and YouthWorks

Required for YouthWorks = required for YouthWorks

Required for Connecting Activities = required for Connecting Activities

Not required = not required

Read the List of Database Fields (available from the menu) to learn more about each field in the database.



Technical note: the screens allow you to leave fields blank and fill in later.  This is important to provide flexibility and ease-of-use, but it means that staff are responsible for making sure that data is complete in time to meet reporting requirements.

Tip: Use the "EDIT" screens available on the Reports/Admin menu to review your data and fill in missing information.




DESCRIPTIVE FIELDS. On the placement screen, each job/internship placement may be identified by the following descriptive fields.

  • Name of Activity
  • Career Area
  • Job Title
  • Industry Cluster / Placement Type (of placement)
  • School (or program for out-of-school youth)
  • Organization
  • Program Checkboxes (such as Connecting Activities, YouthWorks, WIA Youth, ARRA Byrne/JAG, etc.)

These fields allow some flexibility in describing/defining placements.  Each program or region will have somewhat different information in these fields.

It is very important that you and your colleagues communicate together and use these fields consistently to describe and categorize the placement and the participant's background.  As you work with these fields, be aware that these fields are useful for running reports and querying the data, and therefore clarity and consistency are important.


Name of Activity: Mill Valley School to Career Internship Program
Career Area: Information Technology Pathway
Job Title: Database Development Intern
Industry Cluster: Information Technology
School: Mill Valley High School
Organization: Greater Mill Valley STC Partnership
Program: Connecting Activities

Name of Activity: Summer Jobs 2009
Career Area: Child Care
Job Title: Summer Camp Counselor
Industry Cluster: Child Care / Camp Counselor
School (or program): Youth Opportunities Outreach
Organization: XYZ Youth Program
Program Checkbox: YouthWorks

There may be some overlap or redundancy among these fields, such as if the name of the program is "Mill Valley High School Internship Program" and the name of the school is "Mill Valley High School."   But even if the information is sometimes redundant, it is best to fill in all these fields consistently so that you can have multiple ways of organizing and reporting your data.

Some details about these fields:



Screen shot of the dropdown for activity names


Each placement is identified by an Activity Name -- such as "Summer of Work and Learning 2010" or "Health Careers Internship Program 2009-2010."

Your organization may have just one jobs/internship program or you may have several different programs.  You may use a very general name - such as "Mill Valley Internship Program" or you may use more specific names.

The placement screen allows you to type in an activity name or choose from a dropdown list. The dropdown list is based on activity names that you and others in your region have entered.


Each placement may be identified by a Career Area -- such as "Health Careers Pathway" or "Health and Human Services" or "Healthcare."  The career areas may be based on a career pathway or program that the participant is in -- such as a health careers pathway or a carpentry vocational program -- or it may be based on the type of placement, such as business, healthcare, childcare, etc.

The placement screen allows you to type in career area or choose from a dropdown list. The dropdown list is based on career areas that you and others in your region have entered.


The job title field is an open field that you can type in.  Choose a job title that clearly identifies the job and would be appropriate for use on a participant's resume.  Examples may include Office Intern, Website Developer, Child Care Assistant, or Summer Day Camp Counselor.


This field should contain the name of the school for students enrolled in school, or the name of a program if the participant is not enrolled in school but is enrolled in an out-of-school youth program.  You should be consistent in the use of school names, generally by spelling out the full name, such as Mill Valley High School (rather than MVHS or Mill Valley HS or Mill Valley H.S.).


The organization should be the name of the overall organization that organizes the employment program.  It may be the name of a local YouthWorks provider, the name of a School to Career Partnership or the name of the Workforce Investment Board.  This field can be used to organize reports, and so it can be helpful to enter the name of the overall organization or partnership for a set of related programs, in order to create a way to pull together reports.


The program enrollment checkboxes allow you to identify the programs or funding sources that support the participant's work experience.  You may check one or more, as applicable.  If you coordinate the work of other staff, it is vital that you let all staff know what programs/funding sources they are working with.  If you are involved in making placements and entering information into the placement screen, it is vital that you know what programs/funding sources support your placements.

The program checkboxes include the following.  This list may change as funding sources change.

[ ] Connecting Activities
[ ] YouthWorks
[ ] WIA Youth Regular
[ ] WIA Youth Stimulus (ARRA)
[ ] Byrne/JAG (ARRA)
[ ] WIA Adult
[ ] ESE Fund Code 597
[ ] ESE Fund Code 593
[ ] ESE Fund Code 626
[ ] DYS Bridging the Opportunity Gap
[ ] Other (specify) ______________


Note that "Industry Cluster" is a dropdown list with fixed values -- other fields allow you to type or choose from a dropdown based on your own entries and those of others in your region.

The values for the Industry Cluster dropdown list are (currently) the following.  This list blends some of the YouthWorks reporting fields and some other industry cluster values:

[ ] Arts, Media And Communications

[ ] Business

[ ] Child Care / Camp Counselor

[ ] Construction And Design

[ ] Education

[ ] Environment, Natural Resources And Agriculture

[ ] Health Care

[ ] Hospitality, Tourism And Recreation

[ ] Human Services

[ ] Information Technology

[ ] Law, Government And Public Service

[ ] Maintenance / Landscaping

[ ] Manufacturing, Science, Technology, Engineering And Math

[ ] Marine Industries

[ ] Office Support / Clerical

[ ] Retail And Services

[ ] Transportation