Image of screenIf you have multiple participants in the same worksite with the same (or similar) job descriptions you can use the "COPY WBLP" button to make a copy of a WBLP and placement information.

ORIf you have a participant who has continued in his/her job from one program year to the next, you can use the "COPY ALL" button. 

 1.) First, complete the placement screen or WBLP heading screen, job description, and skills/tasks for one intern. 

 2.) Then go to the placement screen or WBLP heading screen and scroll down toward the bottom and find the COPY button.  Read the description to see which "COPY" option you want.


Screen short of copy button

 3.)  After you click the COPY button, a copy will be created and a message will appear on the page. 

The message will say that the new record has “(COPY) – “ and the employer name or participant name in the participant name field, and will explain that you can now go to the new record and fill in the details.
You can go to the new record via the “GO TO NEW RECORD” button or via the menu.
REPEAT for each copy you want to make.