Staff can delete records through the Delete Records screen in the Reports/Admin Menu.

Under the Reports/Admin Menu, select any criteria to filter the data by (i.e. Program Name, School, Start Date) and click “Apply”.  Then, scroll down on the page, and, in the most right-hand column, look for the "Delete Records" button and look for the participant you want to delete. Very carefully, click the correct delete button on the left-hand side of the name.

You must have a Staff level sign-in to delete records.  Employers and Participants do not have access to the Reports/Admin Menu, and therefore cannot directly delete records.... however anyone can mark a record to be deleted simply by changing the participant name to something like "ZZZ - Delete - John Smith"

Recommendation: Whether you are a program staff, employer, or participant, the following tip will help with deleting records:

1.) Before going to the Reports/Admin menu to open the Delete Records form, open the WBLP screen or Placement screen or one of the editing screens.

2.) Find the record that you want to delete.

3.) Change the participant name to something like this:  ZZZ - Delete - John Smith

4.) When you (or a colleague or program staffperson) opens the Delete Records screen, the records will be in alphabetical order, with any "ZZZ..." records at the end.  These can be deleted.