The online database provides an optional Reflection Screen that allows interns/participants to select topics and questions and write brief reflection essays.  This screen, being introduced in spring 2012, is designed for programs to offer an online format for reflection writing and journal writing.

How to use the Reflection Screen:

The PowerPoint presentation "Using the Reflection Screen" provides an overview.  (Go to POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS in the left-side menu.)  Briefly:

Participants can find the screen from their menu page or from the navigation buttons along the top of each screen.

1.) First, they may choose a topic or skilll area from a dropdown box.  They can choose "Overall Reflections" or they can choose any of the FOundation Skills or any of the Workplace and Career Specific Skills in their WBLP. CHOOSE FROM THE DROPDOWN AND CLICK VIEW QUESTIONS....

2.) A list of reflection questions appears.  Check one or more to show which question(s) you want to answer.  Then type a reflection in the textbox on the screen.  Length is flexible -- from a few sentences to a longer essay is fine, depending on the needs of your program.

Click SAVE.

3.) SCROLL DOWN to the next part of the screen to view all of the reflections that you have written.  This screen is organized by skill area, listing all of the skills in your WBLP.  You can click any button to open up a worksheet to write more reflections and you can click EDIT to edit any that you have already written.  There is also a printer-friendly screen for viewing and printing.

What types of reflection questions are provided?

The purpose of the reflection screen is to help participants in work-based learning programs to consolidate what they have learned and to expand on their ideas and insights.

Questions including summarizing, describing, listing, analyzing, predicting, evaluating, imagining and setting goals.  See the PowerPoint presentation "Using the Reflection Screen" for sample questions and approaches.

Your suggestions are welcome for questions and approaches!