What are Regional Training Teams?

When the Work-Based Learning Plan was first launched more than ten years ago, each region formed Regional Training Teams to support training about the WBLP for program staff and employers. Regions sponsor workshops and provide peer-to-peer training to support staff in learning about the WBLP and to present the WBLP to employers. Regional training strategies are supported by workshops, conferences, networking meetings and materials provided by the state level. Each year, in the Connecting Activities RFP, regions describe the professional development planned by their regional training teams. Approaches vary among regions and address a variety  of professional development topics, formats and audiences.


What Training Strategies and Approaches Can Regional Training Teams Use?


a. Formal peer-to-peer training for new staff;

b. Informal peer training;

c. Training by managers for new staff;

d. Local workshops presented by local staff (materials and PowerPoints are available);

e. Local workshops presented by state-level staff;

f. Webinars;

g. Mini-training topics incorporated in staff meetings;

h. Individual approaches, including reading online materials; viewing PowerPoints;

i. Hands-on learning (i.e., database);


For Whom is Training and Professional Development Provided?


New employee training

Ongoing professional development for all staff

Training for partner agencies or organizations

WBLP orientation for employers

-- For youth

-- For school personnel